XSPlatforms is now Manufacturing member of the Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufactures Association (PASMA). This is the leading trade organization in the United Kingdom when it comes to the preservation of quality and safety of access towers. We highly value such organizations, that advance safety, standards and best practice in their respective industries. With our membership, we have gained official recognition that the SafeTower -our mobile scaffold- is a quality product and completely safe to work with.

Product reassurance worldwide

Our products are compliant with all European, American and other relevant international standards. We would like all our (potential) Partners throughout the world to be assured of safe, high quality products.

In addition to being a PASMA and SAIA member, XSPlatforms is aiming at more country related recognized approvals in the future. This way, both our current and potential Partners have the guarantee that XSPlatforms is taking care of providing them with any product reassurance they require.